Frequently Asked Questions – F.A.Q

Posted by Admin release on December 16th, 2019

1. Why i cant acces Steam Wokshop in my Wallpape Engine App?
Because YOU MUST BUY IT IN STEAM if you want to use STEAM WORKSHOP

2. How to Fix Black Screen Wallpaper Engine Scene Wallpaper File

– Update your Wallpaperr Engine App to the latest version ? Wallpaper Engine Free Download Crack [Build v1.1.301] !!!UPDATE December 14, 2019!!!
– If still Black Screen Chnage Wallpaper File to pkg, Totorial Here ? Change jhson to pkg

3. How to Fix Black Screen Wallpapr Engine Video Wallpaper File
– Follow this guide to add support for additional video formats. This should enable better support for 4k and HEVC x265 videos ? Install LAV Filters to support more video formats or if you use Windows 10 ?Microsoft Store HEVC Video Extensions

4.Wallpaper is gray or textures are missing on Windows 7
– Make sure that the Windows 7 update KB2533623 [] is installed.

5. Windows Media Error Code / Artifacts ? Here

6. Wallpaper Engine Install Error Carsh (System Module Cannot be Loaded)
– Update your Wallpaperr Engine App to the latest version ? Wallpaper Engine Build 1.1.301 !!!UPDATE December 14, 2019!!! and Install Microsoft Visual C++ Pack & DirectX End-User Runtimes (June 2010)